Fcuk That Learn How To Relax.

Hey Guys:

I am writing this personally to all the Fathers who are at their wits end when it comes to dealing with Parental Alienation.  I am not a therapist but my experience as I share them might just help that one person that is about to do something crazy.  Life has many entrances and exits.  It’s not always easy to be politically correct in life so let me address you the best way I know how.   Don’t be bothered by every little thing that your ex-wife r girlfriend tries to do to you.  “Fcuk That Learn To Relax.”

As parents, we have to deal with shit.  That’s what parents do.  We are Fathers and we don’t mind having to do what all parents must do daily.  Why the Fcuk, is it is so hard for people to understand that we do love our children and all we want is to be a part of their lives?  This becomes so frustrating at times but in the end, the fight might reveal a new you.

For me, I learn to deal with my frustration by speaking to other Fathers that share the same experiences.  Every now and then, I get a smile, that comes from hearing a Father saying, “I saw my children today”.  The feeling is bitter sweet because although I am happy for him, I wish it was me.  Like I said, I am going to speak my truth here.

It is never bad to have feelings that upset you.  It can get bad if you allow those feeling to drift across the border and choose to talk your life of that of others.  Many of your close friends and family won’t understand how it feels to walk in your shoes, but I do, and so does countless of other Fathers around the world.  Justice For Fathers is that community that will embrace you.  We are a community of Fathers that knows how you feel.  We listen to your truth and allow you to be free to express your thoughts and ideas.  Most of all, we are a judgment free zone for Fathers to express themselves.

classic gamesI grew up in an era when 8-tracks had just faded and cassettes were taking the stage.  I also remember vinyl records and walkmen.  When I first came from Jamaica in 1980, I remember one Christmas, I wanted an electronic football or baseball game.  In those days, the games only had dots on them. We never had graphics, all we had was a vivid imagination.  Those imaginations lead to games that we see today.  My point is we learn to evolve and things do get better.  Damn, things got really better.  I eventually bought one of those games about ten yeas ago and left it in my draw along with everything I had owned prior to my divorce.

I know, it can get lonely dealing with the frustration surrounding your life without your children.  I have those days too where I question everything.  When it gets bad for me, I reach out to others.  Meditation is something that I am learning to do.  Solitary confinement seems to place a role in commanding that inner peace.  You can allow yourself to react negatively but that won’t change a damn thing other than making things worst.

Learning to relax is the key.  Learning to understand that life is granting you these experiences for a purpose.  Look what it revealed to me.  I never imagined that I would live a day without my sons.  Yet, I am on the cusp to securing a worldwide challenge to securing Fathers Rights.  My first sons died days after being born.  I still can remember that day looking at his lifeless body in my arms and saying goodbye.  The next time around the potential parenting chart, my daughter died after a premature birth.  Twice, back to back, I lost my children and I had many questions.  The two Sons that followed, Destoni & Shadoe, are my miracles.  They are the reasons why there is Justice For Fathers.

A friend shared this video with me that inspired me to write this message to you.  I immediately decided that I needed to share it wrapped around my personal truth.  The video has everything to do with relaxing.  I encourage you to find things that will calm you down.  Humor also helps.  Don’t pull that trigger that will seize your opportunity to explore a better destination.  Last month, I heard the unfortunate stories of both Fathers and Mothers that pulled that trigger.  Life is for the living.  Enjoy the video and remember, “Fcuk That Shit and Relax”.

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